Thursday, December 6, 2007


Do you ever wake up and just think, where do I start? It seems like so much needs to be taken care of and your house looks like such a mess you don't know where to start? Well that is how I felt this morning :) I didn't know whether to eat first, feed the kids, clean up , take a shower, have my coffee or just go back to bed!!!
So what I did do was pray! I prayed for a good attitude, strength and also for peace. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and I know when I feel like that I don't get much achieved and plus I also have a bad attitude that lasts throughout the day! So far things are going well!!!

Yesterday the boys had been playing in their bedroom, I walked in there to find they had gone into their closet and had opened every box that was in there. The boxes had been filled with clothes that I needed to either give away or take to good will! They had piled the clothes up on the floor and had taken the boxes and had made a tower :) I didn't know whether to be frustrated with them for the mess or to praise them for their creativity!!! They were having so much fun with those boxes and actually played with them most of the day and this morning. I know it is so easy for me to react and then realize afterwards ok if I just take a moment to breath and think about the siutation, maybe it is not so bad!!

The last few weeks, I have had a lot of those moments!! As a mum/mom you want to do your best and do your best for your family!
Since we have had Ethan's diagnosis of Autism, I have had some really good and some really bad days!! I have tried to step back at times and evaluate the situation, but there are times when I am so exhausted, upset and confused that I know I don't react the way I should!
I think God that He is a God who never changes, he is the same each and everyday, no matter the situation. Midst the craziness, I thank God for that as it is one of the things that keeps me getting up and doing what He has called me to do each day!

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salli said...

Hey Jayne! You're such a great mom to your boys! Hang in there during this busy, busy time. :-)