Sunday, February 21, 2010

How Great is our God?

I have been singing this particular Chris Tomlin song a lot this week, I just really enjoy it and it is good to remember even when we don't feel like praising God that we should, because He is a GREAT God and He is our God :)

Life here has been busy, M has started speech therapy in the last month. He attends a speech class from 1-3pm on a Thurs. He is talking a lot but it is often hard for others to understand and even mom and dad too, he has some issues with letter sounds and articulation. He is in a class with 7 other little ones his age and he LOVES it :) It is more like a preschool but is set up for them to engage in lots of conversation as they play, sing etc with their peers and teachers. I drive him there, which is only 5 mins from our house and he rides the bus home! Something he has longed to do for a very long time, esp. since big brother gets to ride his bus everyday! Since M has started speech, we have seen improvement and he also has been singing much more :) How Great is our God?

E is going through a "good season" as S and I like to call it! I am not sure if we would have understood this expression a few years ago but anyway we are thankful for this season right now! His transition to 1st grade was difficult for him and seemed to bring  with it some other challenges, a lot of which were due to his social development possibly and maybe just feeling overwhelmed with his school schedule?! On Thurs. I had his annual IEP ( Individual Education Plan) I usually go to these meetings a little nervous but this particular one went really well. Along with his IEP they were also reviewing Ethan's history for eligibility to continue receiving Special education services! He still qualifies, I know most people wouldn't find that exciting or be even thankful that their child receives special ed. but for us it is a huge blessing and without it we would not be able to have Ethan in the classroom situation he is in right now which he defnitely needs! Also we have come to terms a long time ago that we have been blessed with a little boy who learns differently and sees the world around him differently!  " How Great is our God?".
I watched a small part of a movie recently about a young lady called  "Temple Grandin" some of you may be familiar with her, the movie is about her childhood with Autism. She is very famous within the autism community. In the movie when someone calls her daughter different the mom says " Different isn't less" I love that! For some reason when it comes to children with sp. needs we feel like we have been given something less, but I have to say even in the midst of our struggles and challenges we feel like God has given us more! We are learning and growing in ways we never knew or thought we could.......How Great is our God?
In the Fall S & M actually planted some bulbs on Sat. we got to see some of them bloom it was so beautiful to see this new life i nour yard " How Great is our God?"

Well as I finish with my thoughts I will leave you with some pictures of the last few weeks with the G Family!

Yes this is Mud :) 

Who is madder the Hatter or the Irishman?

New life in our yard, E is very excited about the beautiful crocus
 Hotdog roast in our backyard, one of our newest fun things to do!

How Great is our God, Sing with me How Great is our God and all willl we see how great, how great is our God :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

So what have we been up to since I last blogged. Here are a few things:

This is one of our favorite parks, as you can see there were some friendly visitors too :) The boys love to play here and the peacocks are an added attraction!


We had fun sensory play time with water and cornstarch, messy but very fun, so glad I have laminated floors.............phew!!

Play time in the mud :) I know this doesn't come as a surprise to most of you!

As you can see our family likes to have fun and we also love to spend time together. I honestly can't think of a better way to spend my time than with the people I love the most! 

The Lord has blessed us with 2 very active boys, with that activity also comes some individual challenges. I have often been told " boy do you have your hands full". At first i used to get kind of offended with this comment not quite knowing how to respond, wondering if people were making a comment about my parenting or my kids? Now I say  "yes I do" but I also respond with  "yes and a full heart" :) No matter the challenges, I know that I don't do this on my own.
Yesterday we went on a family walk up to a waterfall in our area ( sorry no pictures, forgot camera) It was sucha beautiful day, it was also so refreshing to spend time with my family outside. As I was walking I was thinking on the hymn " How great thou Art" . We don't always take the time to think of God's greatness, but out in His creation, it made me think about this and how thankful and grateful that I am that He is a  "Great " God! No matter the challenges we face, I have to say that time outdoors and with my family and God made me forget about my momentary troubles and just enjoy the blessings in life.