Friday, June 17, 2011

Why my husband Rocks!

It isn't hard for me to say why my husband rocks! He is the love of my life, my best friend! When we met I had never dated anyone else. I was 23 years old and wasn't sure if a husband was in God's plans for me? My husband and I met when I came to the US in 1998 as an exchange student  to Moody Bible institute. For me I wanted to marry someone who loved God, was a man of integrity and served God will all His heart, I definitely found all those qualities in my husband.

We have been married for 10 years, the last 4- 5 years have probably been the hardest 5 years for us as a couple and family. After 6 years in youth ministry my husband felt God was leading him out of that for a while. One of the main reasons being our oldest son was having some major developmental issues, which we later found out was Autism. Since an Autism diagnosis, my husband has been a rock. I heard divorce within the Autism community is extremely high. Although it has been tough at times, I can't imagine raising our son with Autism or our other son apart from each other!

He is always there willing to listen, helping calm my fears and anxieties but in all of that pointing me towards Christ, encouraging me to look to Christ for my strength, wisdom and guidance. He brings a calm and stability into my life, he also makes me laugh which is another quality I appreciate since I can be very serious at times!

In April of 2009 my husband and I started to build our own home through a self help sweat equity program. One of the reasons we did it was so we could have a home of our own, one that was safe for our boys and a place of rest and tranquility for when our days were crazy! My husband put in 40 hours a week of work on his regular job and then on the weekend he would put in 20 hours on our house :) 

He loves our boys, you can often find him riding bikes, doing yard work, wrestling, making up stories at bed time, playing and just being silly with them and they too love their daddy :)

So as you can see, that is why my husband rocks, and I only feel like I have scratched the surface, but I am thankful I can honor him in this way. Happy Father's day to my love!