Saturday, November 24, 2007

A full belly and a full heart

Well we just got back after spending Thanksgiving with Sabin's mom. We drove out to her house on Wed. night and stayed there until Lunch time today ( Saturday). It was a good time for us! I have to say we enjoyed the fact that we only had to drive 30 mins to stay with family. It is nice out at her house, it is quiet, she has no landline phone and only 2 channels on her TV! Some people may see this as a disadvantage, but it was actually a Blessing! It meant no internet connection, so I was forced to take a break from cyber world! One of my weaknesses! Also not much of a TV choice, so another good thing! And no phone ringing!
Thanksgiving dinner was a treat and so delicious as always!! Everyone ate until their hearts and stomachs were content! Then the best part of the day for me was I got to take a nap!!!! A very rare treat for me and it was wonderful, I felt like it was my birthday :)
Both boys got to play outside until they were filthy dirty! This was a definite treat for them too. Ethan especailly as he got to play in his Grandma's dirt pile!! I am amazed though as bthey don't seem to feel the cold, although I had them bundled up and then they got to take warm showers!
Sabin and I did join the other crazy people out shopping, but we didn't get up at an ungodly hour, we woke up when we were ready and then headed in to see what was left! We did come home with some great buys and the coolest thing of all is a new Christmas tree for our house! I am so excited to decorate our little place and dream of what it will be like hopefully next year to decorate our brand new home!!!

Well, I need to finish up but this was one of our best holidays in a long time and a really relaxing and fun few days!! We feel refreshed and ready to face the challenges of a new week!

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