Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I love Thanksgiving! One of my favorite American holidays!! I am not sure why, I think it is maybe that it is not as commerialised as Christmas and it does seem to be a little more low key! I enjoy the turkey and all the fixings and most of all the time to be with my family! For my friends back in Northern Ireland I thought I would post a link to a website if you are interested in finding out what is all about!

I am going to try today and attempt to make gluten free bread rolls for the boys! They love bread and with them being on a gluten/dairy free diet I always feel so bad for them when they can't have what we are enjoying! I am also going to make a pumpkin cake that they can eat and they love! SO I am going to get going here soon and attempt to make these rolls. Ethan is in preschool this morning and Micah is actually still fast asleep, so a good time for me to go and get busy!

The day after Thanksgiving day is known as Black Friday! It is because it is one of the biggest retail days in America and where most businesses hope to get out of the black finacially! It is CRAZY!!! But I actually kind of enjoy going out there and watching all the craziness! I am definitely not willing to wait in line for that next great deal, but if I can make it up and out there I may brave the crowds on Friday!!


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salli said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I was thinking of going out on Black Friday too! I usually don't but somehow I'm feeling a little braver this year. :-)