Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time really does fly!!

So where did Christmas go? It is hard to believe that 2 days ago we actually celebrated our Savior's birth! As the popular saying goes 'Time really does fly" Yesterday we went into the grocery store and they already had a display of Valentine chocolate, gfits & candy all set up. I was in shock!!! Then today, I was in Walmart, all the Christmas candy, ornaments etc. were 50 % off and they had Valentine candy all set up opposite the reduced Christmas candy. The other weird thing I saw was they were also starting to bring in some Easter stuff too!!!! It seems like in the commerical world they go straight from one holiday to the other.
But it really made me stop and think about how we live our lives too!!! I was actually feeling quite sad yesterday, everything had pretty much returned back to normal, Sabin was even back to work and they didn't even have any special programs on the T.V??. Then today, when I returned from my little shopping trip, I came home to no Christmas tree!!! I was kind of sad, although I know Sabin was doing a good thing to help me! It almost seemed like we hadn't even celebrated Christmas. It seems like we too just get wrapped up in life, working, going to one appointment after another and sometimes we really don't stop. We too like the commerical world live for the next event rather than stopping and really enjoying what each day brings. Whether it is a special celebration or just another day! There are so many of those moments in each day that we can enjoy. Sometimes it may mean me stopping in the middle of dinner and turning off the stove so I can hold Micahor sitting down and helping Ethan put his train track together when I am in the middle of trying to fold yet another load of laundry. Maybe just apprecaiting those special moments in our childrens lives. Recently Ethan' s speech has really progressed. But on Christmas Eve, Ethan had stepped out of the shower, came over to me. I was standing right by our linen closet and he pointed and said to me " Hey I need a towel' Maybe not just so clear, but clear enough for us to exactly know what he was saying!!! As you can imagine Sabin & I stood their with our mouths open, then Sabin started to count on his fingers, he said 5 words!!!! yeaaahhh Ethan!!!
That is one of those precious moments that we again need to stop and enjoy!!

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salli said...

YAY for Ethan! That is just so exciting that you can see and hear his progress. Way to go!