Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New year

I was thinking tonight about New Year, I do always look forward to it with anticiaption and excitement but I know sometimes there is a part of me that is also a little nervous. Yes, I know who holds the future, but I know that I still allow myself to become a little fearful. Maybe b/c this past year has been a little rough at times. Although in it all I have seen God's faithfulness, that has never changed.
I kind of see it as another chapter closing and one just about to open again! There are some things that we can anticipate happening, but again most of the time we just have to continue to trust as we continue in our daily journeys.

I look forward this year to building our house, we have a starting date now. They are breaking ground on Jan. 10th and we will start to build on 14th! I am excited and nervous about this new venture! I am excited about working with Sabin on the house! I can't think of a better building partner :)
I look forward to seeing Ethan & Micah learning and growing! They are both fun and great little boys. They bring us much joy!
I have hopes too for this New Year, it is so important to have hope. I think that is what keeps us going, but it needs to be focused on God. It is because of Him that we have hope :)



salli said...

Happy New Year, Jayne! I can't believe that you're breaking ground exciting! You'll have to post pictures here for us to see. :-)

Jaime's Blog said...

Jayne.. I just realized that it is now the 23rd and you must have started breaking gound !! How is that going !! I'm praying for you guys !

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