Friday, December 14, 2007

Looking for love?

Last night we took our boys to McDonalds in the evening as there is an indoor play area and they can let off some steam! They had been inside all day, so they were really in need of running around and getting out of the house and so was mummy too :)
Boy, that place was noisy, all it takes is for one child to scream and then they all start!!! You really wouldn't need to be of a nervous diposition!! There was probably 12 kids in there but it sounded like 50!!

Anyway, Micah was running back and forward having a blast, then all of a sudden he falls and hits his head. He got up and started to rub his head, we could see him looking around wondering if anyboy was going to show him love or symapathy, then he gets up and goes over to a little girl about the same age as himself and tries to give her a hug. Unfortunately for Micah the little girl wasn't too interested in the fact that he needed some tender loving care and someone to make him feel all better!
Thinking about it later, I thought about many people who are looking for love, for someone to know that they need a little tlc, someone to take notice of them and to show them that they are loved and are special. If we slow down enough or even stop and take a look around us when we are out and about, we can see them. Maybe it is that person in the grocery store who stops to talk to you about your baby, the person on the corner of the road with a sign for food, the tired mom at the dr. office? You just never know? Especially this time of year, it is a huge opportunity for us to take time and really show others what Christmas is all about! I know myself I feel like i am always in a hurry, so it is a good reminder to me too!
All of us have something to give to others even if it is our time, a smile and encouraging word you never know how you can bless others and be that TLC that they need!

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PG said...

Loved this post Jayne! Just remembered to check your blog - you're doing better than me at this writing thing! So true what you say - with all that has happened lately I certainly have appreciated any tlc I've been shown. We need to reflect Christ in this and see people in their need - happy holidays!!xx