Monday, August 11, 2008

house building update!

ok two blogs in the one day, I know.......shocking! It is hard to believe we are now into our 4th month of building these houses! We have 7 out of the 10 on the go! It is just amazing to see these houses go up and to know you were part of it all, I love the fact that once they are all done and I am walking or driving past that I will be able to look at them and remember exactly what I did on that house :)
The foundations for our home have not been started yet, they told us another week and a half, oh I hope so!! It is kind of hard to see all the other houses go up and ours not be started but no-one moves in until all the houses are done!!

We have been really enjoying building, but it is a lot of work! The boys have done amazingly well through all of this, I think they do miss us as they sometimes seem kind of mad at us when we get home, but we are doing it for them, not that they understand that right now but hopefully in a few years they will :) I am learning so many new things, it is so funny for me to now see a house and take note of it's color, how it's made etc. things I never would have thought about before!

I can't believe we are now into August, I love Summer and don't want it to be over just yet! But I do look forward to the day when we can move into our new home and also daydream about next summer, having our own house, yard and hopefully lots of people coming to visit us!

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