Sunday, August 3, 2008

good times!

This past week Sabin was on vacation and we had good freinds from Wa. come down to visit us for a couple of days and to help work on the house a little. It was a couple that we met in college and have known for ten years but we hadn't seen them for about 4 years. It was one of those really fun weeks of catching up, enjoying each others company and lots of laughter. One night after all our kids were fast asleep in bed we brought out the game Ballderdash, it was hilarious as we were all very tierd which made for us being pretty silly and we all sat around giggling like we were back in high school without a worry or a care in the world!! The next morning one of their girls who is about 6 yrs old said " I heard you guys playing that game" I said I know we were being pretty silly, she said yes :) Good times with freinds are so special and also a great reminder to me of how important freindship is to all of us!! I think no matter our age we all long to connect with someone! We want to have those special people in our lives who encourage us, love us, support us and even at times challenege us! Our family has been very blessed to have several of those kind of freinds in our lives.

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