Friday, November 7, 2008

houses, mud puddles and much more!

Since I last blogged I can now report that we have all 10 of the houses up that we are building! It is such a great feeling when you drive into the cul de sac and see all 10 houses standing! Wow, I found myself last Sat. getting quite emotional as I drove in, thinking of the sacrifice and hard labor that everyone out there has given to build their own house or help someone else to build their home :)
We have the siding up on our house and are ready to paint, that has been quite a fiasco trying to pick out paint, really can it be that hard???? I think I told some of you that I had picked out this color and when I went out tot he house to test it on the siding Sabin took one look at it and said it was pink, I tried to convince myself it wasn’t! I said oh it will be fine once it is on there, yeah right a week later I looked at it, yes it was definitely pink!!! Sabin said he couldn’t live in a pink house, even though I am the only girl in our family right now I don’t think I can either!! So anyway I went back to the paint store and talked with a very knowledgeable lady who helped me pick another color and so we tried it out too and love it :)
The boys are adjusting to a new routine after Summer, E is doing very well in kindergarten and we have seen him progress with his speech, lots of new words and trying to converse with us! It makes a huge difference for him to be able to comunicate a little better! He is a very bright little boy, loves to sing. Last week I hear him humming a familar tune, then I heard hmmm hmmm hmmm be in dat mumber...............he was singing when the saints go marching in!!! It was so funny! A few weeks ago, I was feeling very sad, nothing in particular had happened. But I had been thinking on and off about Ethan and his diagnosis, I happened to look at my calendar and then I realised it had a been a year since we had taken him to OHSU and had him evaluated! I am thankful to be a year on from the diagnosis as I know that much progress has been made and it has been a blessing for our family to know. But there are still times when I feel a little sad and it hits me. I talked to Sabin about it and he said he feels the same way some days too! I guess in a way it is a good thing, it helps me work through some of the emotions I feel and also makes me trust God even more with E! I have read many articles recently on special needs and it suddenly struck me how much of a blessing E is to our family, yes it is hard but it is really making us better people and also he brings something to our lives that we would never have experienced otherwise :) Everything he does he approaches it with excitement and puts his all into it!

M is doing well, I am enjoying my time with him while E is at school. Although that has been an adjustment too, he has had a hard time with him being gone all day! In the am if he is awake he has to stand at the door and wave at the bus until it is gone! I ask him where E is during the day and he tells me " he is on a bus " :)
Yesterday M & I had a lot of fun, we went to the park it has been cold and dreary here but I figured it was time to get out for a while. So I had M well dressed, hat and coat and I took a picnic lunch and a towel to the park to wipe down the equipment but it never dawned on me that the actual ground would be wet!!! yikes!! So there was huge puddles at the bottom of every slide, so my little boy decided it would be fun to splash a little bit with the puddle, then he started to run through out, which I was thinking ok, this is fine but then all of a sudden he is on the ground rolling in it!!! I am thinking ok , there is nobody here!! Then I hear voices, ugggghhh I am sure they are thinking crazy for lettng her son do this!Then I heard hi Jayne, it was my freind :) With her 3 kids, two of which are boys and of course they joined in the fun too!!! They were so wet, her boys even took their shoes and socks off!!!
Anyway after much fun, we decided once little teeth started chatter it was time to go!! WhenI got home I soaked M's clothes and then washed them, my washing machine was full of bark muclh, so i got my vaccum cleaner out and cleaned out my washing!!

Well I need to finish up my ramblings, while typing here M has brought 5 trucks placed them on my knee and is now sitting behind me on the chair pinching my arm, do you think he may want my attention???

Will try and blog again soon :)

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