Monday, September 8, 2008

New beginnings!

This past week, was like a new chapter for our family. E started kindergarten and we also started work on our home :)
E had a great first week, I am always so thankful with him when things go well. Especially new transitions as I know it can be so hard for him! This am he was content again, I put him on the bus and there was a little boy crying :( He looked about E's age and his face was so sad, another boy was sitting with his hands over his ears, I guess trying to muffle the noise. It brought a tear to my eye, it is easy for me to have compassion for these special little ones!! I am not sure if I would have understood a few years ago but in some ways I am very thankful that God has allowed our family to experience it!

I am also very thankful for Special education and for people who have a desire to work with the kids and to try and understand their world :)

Yesterday after 5 months of waiting and helping others to build their homes we got to work on our own!! It was so strange to be standing inside the foundaions of our soon to be built house!! Very exciting, I can't wait to be in there and enjoying it with my family.
Well someone needs me so I need to go, isn't it nice to be needed :)

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OK - more updates, please! :)
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