Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our fun, crazy day at the beach

The beach has to be one of our boys favorite places to go. We packed up our van this morning with a picnic,  rubber boots, coats and a change of clothing for the boys as we know our boys well and we never go to a beach without a spare change of clothing. We  headed over to the coast, it was windy & misty, but the fresh cool air felt refreshing, we certainly got the cobwebs blown out today :) 
The boys had fun exploring with dad on the beach 
but for some reason the water seemed more appealing, at first they were pretty cautious. But as time went on they became more adventurous

Much more adventurous!!!  Boy was I glad I had packed extra clothing. As you can see we have 2 boys who are very full of life.

We had a great day, but it wasn't without it's excitement, either! E lost one of his rubber boots, it got washed out to sea :( He was very sad, he was crying in the car and he said "I am not super cute, I lost my boot!"  I guess we need to find a new set of rainboots for him!

After getting some fresh clean, dry  clothing on  and some welcome food in their belly it was time to go home. Just another day of memories in the making for the G family.


KI said...

I still think you're super cute, E!!!

Julieanne said...

Me, too! Sounds like it was a really nice day! Glad you could go.

Karen said...

Body surfing in COLD water!! Only for the young! What great fun. M sure does look different with his new hair cut! So grown up.

Jayne G said...

lol Karen, you know my boys ;) it doesn't matter rain or shine if there is water it is hard for them to resist!