Thursday, August 16, 2012


Transition is a word we are quite familiar with in our home. I have probably used this word more in the last 4 years than I have in my lifetime. Having a child on the Autism spectrum, transition can often be a difficult and stressful thing in our home and especially for our oldest boy who has Autism.
With that being said this year we as a family are going through some pretty major transitions and thankfully all of them are great things. But with transition even if it is good it can bring challenges and adjustment. But with God's grace, he helps us manouver through them.

In the last month one of our newest transitions is, my husband after working for 5 years as a landscaper gave in his notice and 3 weeks later he was the full time Children and Young family pastor at our Church. His first week of work was helping to run Vacation Bible school. He had a great but exhausting week! We are so excited about this new adventure and thankful for how God has led and directed our family up to this point. It is all pretty exciting as we think about the journey that got us here!

Our next transition coming up is the birth of our 3rd baby boy, who should be arriving Early September. It will be a big change as we haven't had a newborn in our home for over 6 years, so it is back to diaper changes, through the night feedings and hauling a diaper bag around with me again, but I couldn't be more excited about this little guy. I know it will probably bring some difficult days and challenges, but I feel we are ready for this transition and again we know we do not do this on our own strength!

Both boys have had a fun Summer and the next transition for them personally is back to school on Sept. 4th. E will be in 4th grade and M in 1st grade. For E this is a big year as he is transitioning from one elementary school to another. We have been trying to prepare him mentally and physically for this transition over the last year. He will probably do great, but change in E's world always seems to bring a little bit of anxiety for mom. But I know he has lots of people helping and supporting him through this change.

Both boys got to do something new this Summer, E got to attend a week long Sports program through the YMCA, it was a partnership program for children who have special needs. He had a blast, his favorite activity was swimming.
The last day of the program finished with a medal ceremony, which was very moving for this mommy!

As a family we got to attend our first Church staff camping retreat, we had a wonderful time. M got to fish for the very first time and was thrilled to catch 3 fish, it was a big day for him.

So I am learning transitions aren't always bad but with them brings change and that is good as that means we are learning and growing, but also continually having to trust in God, which is the most important thing!

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sister2 said...

What a joy to read the summary of how God is blessing in each of these areas. Looking forward to holding that new baby. :)