Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Patch kindergarten fun

M started kindergarten at the end of August, this past Monday I got to go with him on his first field trip. We went to a pumpkin patch at a local farm :) Our bus was full of very excited little people :) When we got to the farm it was raining but the kids didn't seem to mind at all. One of the first things they got to do was run around the corn maze.

 After a yummy snack it was time to head out to the much anticipated pumpkin patch, we all piled onto the tractor, it was pretty crowded and we all ended up with soggy bottoms from sitting on the wet hay but again no one seemed to mind :) Once we got to the patch, M set off on his mission to find his perfect pumpkin!
Is it this one? No, I think I will need something a little bigger if I am going to decorate it :)
So as the rain started to pour down M set off and finally he found the one
Once we got home M was very anxious to carve his pumpkin so we started the fun task of taking the seeds out so we could bake them in the oven :)
 M seemed to have in mind exactly what he wanted to do with his pumpkin, it wasn't mom's idea but we had fun doing it!
He is very proud of his creation and was sure to show it to his friends and anyone who came to our door, including the Edward Jones lady who came to our door to tell us about her new business in town!


KI said...

Ha! Love that exciteable boy!

Jayne G said...

yes he was very excited about his pumpkin :)and pretty attached to it!