Friday, April 15, 2011

Five minute Friday- "On Distance"

It's that time again :) I am really enjoying doing these!

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Today's topic "ON DISTANCE"

You were my firstborn and I was so delighted to have you in my life, yet for some reason something didn't seem right? I watched you as you lined up your cars, you tried to communicate but you couldn't, you would wake up from a nap and cry and cry, I would hold you and pray  and seek God for wisdom as something with my sweet baby boy wasn't how I thought it should be? There was a distance, you were locked in a world I didn't understand, I couldn't reach.

I was determined not to let you stay there, determined to bring you closer. I did everything I could to reach in, help you! Thankfully after lots of appointments, questioning, testing, therapy, researching, we found out. Autism created a distance between you and me, but I was so determined to not let it, I knew God had blessed us with a very special little guy who would change us in a way we would never understand.

The day you were diagnosed, I felt a burden lift, I felt I could finally reach you, finally help you.  The last few years have been very hard work, but finally I feel like the distance between me and you has been lifted. To see you laugh, smile, giggle, talk and enjoy life has brought so much joy.

April is Autism Awareness Month, this is a great time for  all of us to understand Autism, to not let the distance come between us and to enjoy the special blessing of a child with Autism.



Jennifer said...

visiting from GypsyMama. Thank you for this post. It gave me chills. Motherhood is not for the weak, and you are closing the gap between you and your very special child. Well done.

Jayne G said...

thank you Jennifer, I have felt weak at many times, but God has been so faithful!

KI said...

You are such a fabulous mama Jayne! Love watching you love your boys so particularly for each individual little heart!

Amy said...

Just awesome! Jayne what a brilliant way to look at the challenges of autism. I used to practice special education law and I wish it had occurred to me to use "distance" as an explanatory tool. You are obviously a very smart, devoted mother. Your children are so blessed to have you! I am so glad I stopped by from five minute fridays -

Jayne G said...

well KI you know I think your an amazing mama too :)
Amy, wow that is so neat that was your job! Thank you for encouragement!

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